Mishlyn Verdon, Spirit Guide

During her nearly twenty year career as a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist and spiritual teacher, Mishlyn Verdon has helped people heal their past and transform their relationships and their lives. 

She became an expert in consciousness, regression therapies and the soul aspect of the human being during her studies at the Institute of Thought in San Diego, CA. For over ten years Mishlyn worked closely with I.O.T. founder, Dr. Joseph Costa. This school of self mastery and consciousness studies is where Mishlyn received her education in transpersonal psychology and hypnotherapy. Dr. Costa chose Mishlyn for advanced training, teaching abroad and mentorship in the 15th Step. She is currently the Senior Director of The 15th Step programs, hosting workshops and training 15th Step practitioners. The 15th Step is a process that takes you directly into the inner unconscious and brings forth Divine Healing and Divine Teaching.

During Mishlyn's partnership with Dr. Charles Knoll, MD,  she deepened her understanding of the human experience during research they conducted studying the mind's influence on physical wellness. Multidimensional tools and advanced processes were used to work with the consciousness of the human being to produce physical healing, as well as spiritual well-being. 

Mishlyn is also an accomplished artist. She creates in a variety of mediums; painting, leatherwork, sculpting and photography. She uses art as an outlet and as a self centering tool. This is why she was inspired to incorporate art into her hypnotherapy and consciousness practice. This has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool, facilitating letting go of the conscious mind and allowing a more clear connection into the heart and soul purpose. Mishlyn inspires with her lightheartedness and her inner freedom. Using Eleutheria principles, Mishlyn helps fellow artists find balance and freedom to thrive in life. Eleutheria is her customized lifestyle program for success and well-being. 

Her unique gifts and genuine compassion make Mishlyn a spirit guide of international acclaim and a masterful teacher.

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