Areas of Expertise

Spiritual Counseling 

I help people calm their emotional currents, and navigate life in a way that helps them move forward and realize their power.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy & The 15th Step 

These transformational tools help you gain understanding about your life, so that you can take action that is in alignment with your truth.

Practical Tools & "Life Support for Artists"

The Eleutheria program helps you create a lifestyle of inspiration and structure that empowers you to realize your authentic life's purpose.

My Approach

My work with people is all about revealing the truth of life and sharing ways to shift thoughts, emotions and lifestyle into harmony with that truth.


I approach each client with an open heart to help them navigate the traumas and experiences of the past, and to live their life with freedom within self. I help them find themselves, realize who they are, and live the life that was intended for them. 


It is just a matter of helping people let go of things on multiple levels that are stifling their potential, the things that are limiting them. I get really excited when I see the lights come on as they shift from one state of being to another. It gives me great joy to witness them physically go from dull to bright and light because they’ve been seen for who they truly are. This allows them to see themselves more clearly and realize they were never alone.


I see the spirit of the person and this helps them open up to themselves. I know what it feels like….to feel trapped or to feel unworthy or not good enough, and it really makes me feel joy in my heart to help people find what they need so they can move out of those old messy thoughts and emotions and into their real life…into their life’s purpose.


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