Private Spiritual Counseling, 

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy,

The 15th Step and 

Eleutheria “Life Support” Sessions

(via Skype)

Skype is my favorite option because it allows me to more easily work around your schedule and allows me to work with beautiful souls from all around the World.

15th Step - square content - Weekend Wor

The 15th Step - Weekend Workshops

Space is limited

Connect with the Inner World of Truth!

The 15th Step is a wondrous place you actually visit — a bridge between the material and the non-material where you can go to heal the cells of the body and learn about your inner guidance and connection with all that is. Discover more about creating as an energy being living in a human body.

Eleutheria "Life Support"

Group Guidance Sessions 

This is a shared experience where you can learn from and with other like minded souls. One, 2 hour online session, once a week each month. 

This series of workshops will open up your heart, define your spirit’s calling, and then provides the structure, action steps and support to achieve your best life.

Get inspired and take action on your dreams! This supportive program will show you how.

$99.99 per month 

Cafe Collaborations

These group power sessions are designed to get things done and create a little structure for the creative. 

Stay inspired and utilize these focused power sessions to get more accomplished. This collaborative group will help you stay on track and feel supported when challenged to do your best work and live on purpose.

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