The 15th Step

The 15th Step process teaches you to take your physical body to the proper vibration to reach a place that is the doorway to the Inner World.

Once you access this extraordinary place, the cells of the body are balanced, you receive physical healing and begin communication with your (inner knowing) Guides and Master Teachers about how to improve your life. This process is simple and easy to do and can be learned in one weekend.

Some say it is an inner knowing. Others say it is a voice calling out to them. Still others speak of visitations from an angel or master. Those who are seeking truth, yearn for a guidance that is real and always available.


Yes, there is an inner path to follow and it is available to those who have the courage to take the first step. Many have followed their inner guidance and achieved greatness. Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin are two that openly credited their creations to an inner guiding wisdom. Those who now use The 15th Step process to communicate with the higher wisdom are successfully bringing that wisdom into their daily lives for better health, self confidence and personal success.


Your own personal guidance is waiting for you inside, on The 15th Step!


EVERYONE can do it!


"I have always had a feeling of being alone in the world, looking for my purpose in life and direction to make decisions. After visiting The 15th Step, I now know who I am, why I am here and that I always have a way to communicate with the divine"

CB / IARRT member

"While on The 15th Step, I used my astral body to physically adjust my vertebrae and pelvis successfully."

MVS / IARRT member

"I have been doing spiritual work for over 25 years and I can say that being consciously able to access my spiritual guides has been a giant leap forward for me! I am getting very specific information to guide me and make practical changes in my life."

MS / IARRT member

"I used The 15th Step process to work on the abnormal cell growth revealed in my check-up. My next test was okay."

NH / IARRT member

"I have tried all different methods of getting guidance, this is the most powerful and reliable and feels more trustworthy for getting answers."


"In my first 15th Step weekend, they worked on my eyes with colored lasers and heat. The next day I had an eye appointment and had my vision checked. My eyesight had changed! Now I go to the eye doctor every six months instead of every four months, and I can still feel the healing taking place each time I visit The 15th Step."


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