Dr. Joseph Costa

The 15th Step 

Who started The 15th Step process?

The 15th Step process was discovered and developed by Dr. Joesph Costa of the Institute of Thought in San Diego and his partner at the time Joni Wilson. The process to reach the Inner Dimension and talk to guides and masters was taught to Dr. Costa as a young boy. He spent his life being taught by master guides about though and thinking, the other side, the inner world and what human life is all about.

In 1976 when he started his channeling with Joni Wilson, he was told that someday the world would move into a higher level of consciousness where it would be possible for everyone to reach the Inner and get their own guidance and physical healing. As late as 1999, Dr. Costa was informed the world was moving into a higher level of consciousness and people would be able to make their own connections to the Inner. The process that was developed to help you reach your own guidance and receive physical healing is called "The 15th Step"

Is The 15th Step for everyone?

The 15th Step is designed for the average human being to be able to do. It is there for everyone who is willing to practice and take time to learn how to do it properly. The 15th Step is designed so you can go get your OWN answers for YOURSELF.

For some people, they pick it up after one weekend. For others it takes longer. That is the reason it takes 3-5 weekends to really learn the process well enough to get good results.

The reason it takes some time, is that the psychological thinking and beliefs that one has been trained in their whole life, need to be expanded to accept all that can come out of The 15th Step.

The 15th Step works best on people who have little training in altered states, for they have no preconceived beliefs. It works best with people that can trust themselves and it works great for children because they are so open.

Those who come to The 15th Step with discipline to meditate, pray or sit quietly, will find it easier than those who lack these disciplines. Those with highly developed left-brain or mathematical/scientific thinking require the most training.

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